Bobwhite Recovery Inititive

My class contributed to the Bobwhite Recovery Initiative by incubating, hatching, and preparing quail for release into the wild.

Frogs and Ladybugs

My class studied the life cycle of a frog and ladybug.

It’s a Texas Unit, Y’all!

Teaching the kiddos about Texas is an absolute blast because when it comes to Texas, the kids usually don’t have a wealth of prior knowledge. Sure, they know that Texans wear cowboy boots and like to ride horses, but they don’t know the Texas state reptile, precious stone, or the native pastry. ¬†Okay, I’ll admit…

Navigating “Pet Peeves” in the Classroom

While completing my student-teaching, my fantastic mentor-teacher advised me saying, “If you want to keep your sanity, figure out your ‘pet peeves’ in the classroom, then create procedures to make sure that your ‘pet peeves’ are kept to a minimum.” Her words stuck with me. You see, it’s not that I am a naturally patient…