The 100th Day of School

I think all of the teachers that survived the 100th day of school might agree, though utterly exhausted, the kids are worth all of the time and effort put into making the 100th day of school an absolute blast!

Learning the Seasons

Focusing on a different season each day, my students wrote a book characterizing the four seasons.

First Things First

Knowing the heart of God for a relationship with His followers helps me fight for my quiet times in both prayer and Bible study. I was made for a personal, deep relationship with a loving Father who longs to reveal every aspect of his heart to me and let me in on what He is doing. Didn’t Jesus fight for me? Didn’t He give it all so that I could know Him and be known by Him?

Thanksgiving Books

Throughout this past week, my students wrote their first book. Although Writer’s Workshop is a part of our daily routine, this was the first week in which the students compiled their writings into a book regarding a single topic.

Pancake Sequencing

When the word “sequencing” comes up in the lesson plans, I immediately think “What can we cook in the classroom?” I have found that cooking in the classroom is an engaging and effective way to reinforce sequencing skills and promote passionate writing.

Parent Communication Tips

The focus: To work with parents, capitalizing on their child’s strengths, to build a game plan to help him or her reach his or her full potential behaviorally, academically, and socially.

Writer’s Workshop Tips

Writer’s Workshop is my favorite portion of the school day, but this wasn’t always the case. Over time, I learned four strategies that turned writing into an enjoyable experience for both me and my students.

For the One Facing Change

Knowing that I can trust God to be exactly who He says He is helps me look at season-changes and trials through a lens of hope. The Good Shepherd who is leading me, will always be the Good Father who has my best intentions in His heart. Which is why, at the end of the day, God always uses change (both good and bad) for our benefit.

Our Last “Family Time”

I ask my students to write letters to the future Kindergarten class. I will cherish and save these letters forever.

The Epic Outdoor Adventure

“Quite simply, when we deny our children nature, we deny them beauty.” – Richard Louv, The Last Child in the Woods